Friday, 17 June 2016

Veronica’s Review – Medix London


Veronica is a student of Medix College who is studying the Intra-Oral Dental Assistant program at the Medix London Campus. She is taking the diploma program and in this review she talks about her experience and why she selected Medix College.

The Intra-Oral Dental Assistant program at Medix College provides training for individuals looking for a rewarding career working in an oral healthcare setting. Intra-Oral Dental Assistants help dentists during examinations and treatments. They also provide direct client care, educate clients on the importance of oral health and perform basic laboratory duties and manage client records.

The Ontario Dental Assistants Association is a certified body and membership association supporting Dental Assistants in Ontario. More than 8,000 Dental Assistants are members.

Dental Assistant graduates from Medix College have recently been hired at Dental Clinics, Private Practices, Hospitals, University Clinics, Public Health Centers and more.

To learn more about the Intra-Oral Dental Assistant Program, click the links above or call 1 866 962 7685.

Video Transcript

I'm in Dental Assistant Program. I chose Medix because I heard very great things about it. It's a great campus and also it gives you the opportunity to have a shorter period of time schooling which is only one year, and then you can actually have a diploma and go in first for your career.
What I like about the campus is that everybody's very friendly, teamwork. What I like best about my instructor is that they are very well trained and they train us to our absolute best. They help us with everything, when we have questions, they are right there helping us and they are very hands on, which is the most important in our Dental Assistant field.

In five years I see myself having a great job as a level two dental assistant and building up a very bright career. I enjoy most about the campus that everybody works together, its teamwork, and they help us and guide us through everything we do.

I have found it very easy making friends on campus because everybody's extremely friendly, and everybody's working together which is the most important thing in this field. Dental Assistant is my favourite from all the programs only because it suits my needs, it works with my schedule and also my kids schedule as well and it's also a shorter program compared to the other colleges. Career Services, they helped me to write a proper resume head and make a cover letter, and also business letters as well.

My family is very supportive about attending Medix, my friends, my kids are extremely proud. I'm going to do this and I'm going to get a hundred percent! I would suggest for somebody who is undecided to come to Medix, to come for a tour, and leave your mind open, there are so many other fields that they can help in your future.

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